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Services for Businesses

401(k) Plan Administration and Small Business Consulting


0.50% of group plan assets; minimum fee of $2,000/year

You'll receive a custom designed solo or group 401(k) plan with the features that matter to you, a menu of intelligent investment options, custom model portfolios, one-on-one employee education sessions, and confidence that you are meeting your compliance requirements. 

The small business consulting component is designed to support small business owners streamline their admin, improve employee retention, and maximize tax efficiency. The service includes strategy discussions around employee benefits, income and expenses, and risk mitigation to help you feel more organized and informed. 

Third party administration fees, internal fund expenses, record keeping fees, setup fees and compliance fees may apply.

Tax Preparation

Starting at $900 for businesses

$250/hour for one-off situations and complex needs

Clients can utilize the knowledgeable CPAs at XY Tax solutions to get business tax preparation and tax planning solutions. Tax reviews and amendments are also available.

If you've been thinking about formalizing your business entity or making a change to your business structure, the XY Tax Solutions team is a great resource to help you with the decision. 


The tax solution is virtual and is available to clients in every state. 

Available as an add-on service only. Mountain Flower Investments & Planning® does not provide tax advice. 

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