Ongoing Investment Management & Financial Planning
This service model is an interactive, high energy approach to bringing financial wellness into focus. There are multiple plans to choose from to take your financial picture to the next level. 
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Sunflower Plan $25/Month

Join a community of like minded individuals to start your journey to financial well being. Access a library of videos around personal and business planning topics. Participate in group challenges to improve your financial mindfulness. 

Aster Plan $75/Month

Includes everything in the Sunflower subscription PLUS: propose ideas and vote on the new content you'd like to see. Get online access to the financial planning software, and attend weekly office hours to work through your tasks and ask questions. You will also gain access to investment management as an add on service.

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Daisy Plan $150/Month

Includes everything in the Aster tier PLUS: 30 minute one-on-one calls every quarter for more personalized financial advice and support. You will also gain access to the tax preparation add on service. 

Chicory Plan $250/Month

Includes everything in the Daisy tier PLUS: Quarterly calls are extended to an hour making this a great plan for couples, small business owners, and clients with financial complexity. You'll also get in depth support with company stock plans, student loan repayment/forgiveness and tax planning. 

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Red Columbine $425/Month

Includes everything in the Chicory tier PLUS: investment management is included up to $500,000.


Once the investments reach $500,000, the fee schedule will switch to the investment fee schedule at 0.95% of assets per year.

Bluebell Plan $3

This is the community add-on for wealth management clients with over $500,000 in assets under management with Mountain Flower I&P. The proceeds for this tier will be donated to charities chosen by the Bluebell patrons each year.

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