Ongoing Investment Management & Financial Planning
This service model is an interactive, high energy approach to bringing financial wellness into focus. There are multiple plans to choose from to take your financial picture to the next level. 

Aster Plan $75/Month

Receive guidance on the steps you can take to achieve financial wellness over time. Get access to the foundational modules of the financial planning software and access a library of videos around personal and business planning. This is a good option for self-motivated individuals who are seeking in-depth information around various financial planning topics.

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Daisy Plan $150/Month

This package includes everything in the Aster tier PLUS: 30 minute one-on-one calls every quarter for more personalized financial advice and support. You will also gain access to the tax preparation add on service. This is a popular choice for people who have average complexity and want accountability and guidance planning for college, retirement, and other life goals.

Chicory Plan $250/Month

With this package, you'll get everything in the Daisy plan PLUS: in depth support with company stock plans, student loan repayment/forgiveness, tax planning and other relevant planning topics. This is a great plan for small business owners and clients that need additional support with complex topics.

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