Core Services and Add-Ons
You can become a core client by signing up for a personal financial plan and/or investment management services with $500,000 or more at funding. Once you are a core client, all add-on services will be available to you. Since each client circumstance is unique, services can be layered in as needed so you just pay for the ones you want and need. 

Investment Management

<$1,500,000: 0.95% Annually

>$1,500,000: 0.75% Annually

Mountain Flower I&P provides sophisticated investment management strategies designed to help you reach your goals and make a positive impact along the way.  There are a variety of customized solutions available to meet your needs using mutual funds, ETFs, and individual stocks and bonds.

A personal financial plan and ongoing financial planning are included in the investment management fees for clients with >$500,000 in investments.


Clients with <$500,000 can access investment management as an add-on service. Only the first $200,000 in assets will be billed for add-on clients.


Additional fee discounts are available at $20mm of assets under management.

Custodian fees, platform fees and internal expense ratios may apply. 

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Financial Planning

Personal financial plan / implementation / 

annual updates / as needed support: $250/hour

The personal financial plan will provide an assessment of your current financial picture and help you prepare for retirement, college or other goals. You'll be able to see your opportunities and risks so you can take action with confidence and optimize your financial picture. 

Following the development of your personal financial plan, you can get support to help implement your plan until your financial picture gets to a maintenance stage.

Then, update your plan and get financial advice on an annual basis or as life changes.

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Tax Preparation

Starting at $325 for individuals
Starting at $900 for businesses

$200/hour for one-off situations and complex needs

Clients can utilize the knowledgeable CPAs at XY Tax solutions to get professional tax preparation and tax planning solutions. 

The tax solution is virtual and is available to clients in every state. 

Available as an add-on service only. Mountain Flower Investments & Planning does not provide tax advice. 

Estate Planning

Create an estate plan via Helios: $750
Update an estate plan created via Helios: $150

Review an existing estate plan: $150 

Depending on the complexity of your estate planning needs, you may need anything from a free online will to an estate plan created by an estate planning attorney. 

We help clients with average complexity prepare estate planning documents via Helios, which is backed by knowledgeable estate planners. 

Available as an add-on service only. Mountain Flower Investments & Planning does not provide legal advice.

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401(k) Plan Administration

0.25% of plan assets for $800,000+ in plan assets
$2,000/year for <$800,000 in plan assets

Small business owners seeking to maximize tax efficiency and improve employee retention can explore upgrading to a 401(k) and profit sharing plan.


You'll receive a custom designed plan with the features that matter to you, a menu of investment options, employee education, and confidence that you are meeting your compliance requirements. 

Third party administration fees, internal fund expenses, record keeping fees, setup and compliance fees may apply. 


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