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Because a Life Well Lived is
Fueled by Abundance

Catering to Successful Solopreneurs and Retirees

Meditation in Forest

As a successful solo entrepreneur and fellow human being, I am in a unique position to share resources and guide you through the financial intricacies of your personal life and business.


I have a thoughtful, creative, personalized approach to finance that appeals to people who are looking for something different.


I can appreciate what it takes to make a comeback after a divorce or other setbacks.


As an enthusiast for life, I enjoy supporting people in their quest to live a full, vibrant present while also planning for the future.

As the owner and sole person at the firm, you'll have access to meet with me personally and to my skills and knowledge in the financial industry.

I have a well rounded and distinguished academic and experiential background in wealth management. I have the resources at my disposal to support your needs.

I will work with your existing estate planning attorney and CPA, or you can choose to work with my integrated tax preparation solution.

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