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It's not just about making a profit
It's also about how you make a profit

Mountain Flower Investments & Planning® cares about providing you with competitive expected investment returns to help you reach your goals and promoting responsible business practices. After years of research, a sophisticated investment strategy has been designed to pair these two objectives for investors who want to take a more mindful approach. 

Investment Management 101: Setting the right asset allocation

Once the financial plan is complete and we know how much risk you have to take to reach your goals, we will factor in how much risk you are willing to take and set the long-term asset allocation to cash, stocks and bonds. This step will provide a level of assurance during times of uncertainty because you will know why you are invested the way you are, and that market ups and downs have been accounted for.


Investment Management 102: Diversification

Even with the environmental, social and corporate governance mandate, the investment portfolios are diversified to include companies operating in all different industries, sizes, and locations around the globe. 

Investment Management 201: Security Selection

While investing in companies that have sound environmental, social and corporate governance practices is important, the fundamentals will be analyzed first to create a sound investment portfolio for clients. Finding investments with profitable outlooks and manageable risks at the right price provides the foundation for the decision making process.

Investment Management 202: Tactical Allocations

Your portfolio weightings will be adjusted for economic and market trends in an effort to take advantage of opportunities or reduce risks in the portfolio. 

Investment Management 203: Re-balancing

Portfolios are re-balanced at least annually, but are also tactically re-balanced when market swings cause the portfolios weightings to drift too far from targets based on market conditions.



Investment Management 204: Tax Efficiency

Tax efficiency is a great way to boost actual after tax returns. We'll incorporate asset location, loss harvesting, and tax efficient investments to help you get the most for your investment dollars.


Investment Management 301: Making the world a better place

A small amount of negative screening is incorporated to reduce exposures to products, services, companies, and countries that have controversial impacts on people and the environment. To a larger extent, positive screening is incorporated to include more progressive companies and industry leaders. Some investments are even thematic to promote a specific initiative like equality or environmental sustainability.


Proxy voting, company and industry level research for best practices, and corporate engagement to promote actual positive change are also emphasized in the portfolios. 

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