Wealth Management

Mountain Flower Investments & Planning® provides sophisticated investment management strategies designed to help you reach your goals and make a positive impact along the way.  There are a variety of customized solutions available to meet your needs using mutual funds, ETFs, and individual stocks and bonds. The portfolios take your risk tolerance into account, are diversified and expected to earn consistent returns with traditional portfolios.

Your accompanying personal financial plan will provide an assessment of your current financial picture and help you prepare for retirement, college, home purchases, debt repayment and other life goals. You'll be able to see your opportunities and risks so you can take action with confidence and optimize your financial picture. 

Get support to help implement your plan while your financial picture transitions to a maintenance stage. Then update your plan and get financial advice on an annual basis, as opportunities arise, and as life changes.

Pricing starts at 0.95% of assets under management (AUM) and scales down based on portfolio size, starting at $500,000 AUM


- OR -

$5,000 annual financial planning fee + 0.95% of AUM with no minimum AUM requirement

Services for Individuals

Tax Preparation

Clients can utilize the knowledgeable CPAs at XY Tax solutions to get professional tax preparation and tax planning solutions. Tax reviews and amendments are also available. The tax solution is virtual and available to clients in every state. 


Starting at $325 for individuals

$250/hour for one-off situations and complex needs

Available as an add-on service for wealth management clients only. Mountain Flower Investments & Planning® does not provide tax advice. 

Project Based Planning

Financial Planning for Digital Nomads 

This discussion is designed for clients who are preparing to work remotely for the first time. Topics for discussion include investment, regulatory, visa, income & expense, travel hacks, insurance, banking, phone, mail, existing real estate and personal property decisions and high level tax considerations.

Federal Student Loan Review

This engagement will help you understand your repayment or forgiveness options. We will explore ways to reach your student loan goals while balancing the other things you may want to do like buying a home, starting a family or saving for retirement. 




Inquire about additional topics. Mountain Flower Investments & Planning® does not provide tax advice.