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Cultivating a “Can Do” Mindset

Updated: May 5, 2021

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Cultivating a “Can Do” Mindset

Sometimes we hold ourselves back from living our best life by focusing on our limitations. We convince ourselves there’s only so much we can do and that we can’t progress farther. That’s actually untrue in most cases. You can almost always improve in some way. The key is to change from a fixed mindset that says this is as good as it gets to a growth mindset in which you are aware that improvement is possible. Take a look at some ways you can cultivate a “can do” mindset in order to reach your goals:

Lose the Limitations

First, you’ll need to shift your focus from your limitations to your potential. Instead of thinking, “I’ll never be able to do that,” change your mindset to consider the possibilities. Tell yourself that you may not be the very best, but you can practice and improve whatever skill it is you’d like to learn.

Embrace Failure

Fear of failure is a powerful motivator that can often hold us back. It’s okay to fail. Tell yourself that failing is part of the growth process and part of getting better. Your failure doesn’t define who you are. It’s an essential aspect of life.

Know Your Strengths

It’s easy to identify our weaknesses. For some reason, though, we have a hard time naming our strengths. This is something you need to overcome if you want to cultivate a “can do” mindset. Everyone has talents, skills, and positive personality traits. Get in touch with yours. Ask a trusted friend if you aren’t sure what those are. When you gain confidence in your abilities, you’ll be more open to experiencing growth.

Take on Challenges

Don’t shy away from challenges. Instead, take them on with gusto. The above points should help you to overcome mental obstacles that may be holding you back. Trying something that is challenging is a surefire way to grow and to gain a wide variety of skills. You’ll also be opening yourself up to some potentially wonderful experiences.

Look for Inspiration

Comparison is a killer when it comes to self-confidence and living your best life. Don’t tell yourself all the ways you’re not as good as someone else. Instead, look to them for inspiration. Find ways that you can become motivated by their skill or success. Then set out to bring those characteristics to your own personal experience.

Use these tips as a guide for embracing a “can do” mindset. Pay attention to the ways in which your thought process begins to change and to the experiences you become open to having. Enjoy the process.

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