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Getting Honest About Money When You’re in Trouble

Nothing feels worse than being in trouble. The consequences of the things we fear are oftentimes unbearable. So, what do most people do? Lie and hide. Yep, they lie to themselves about how serious things are and they hide their fears or their consequences from others. People like:

Their significant other

Their children

Their parents

Their boss

And their immediate community

Some of these may be the very people who could help, but fear and shame keep them from admitting they are in trouble.

Getting honest about money when you are in trouble feels risky. In some cases, it can cause harm and in others, it can cause worse case scenarios. From missing a payment and having an adverse credit score to causing financial harm to a business or institution, money problems run the gamut.

The truth is, hiding won’t work. Eventually the issue will come out and the situation will be worse than it has to be. So, what can be done to get the courage to get honest about money when you are in trouble?


Talk to someone trustworthy- If you can’t be honest with your family or anyone directly related to the situation, seek neutral advice and help. Whether that be a financial advisor, accountant, a trusted friend, or an attorney, someone has the answers you need. Sometimes getting sound advice helps clear the air and makes it possible to solve problems. Once you have a better handle on what is happening, you can meet with those closest to you and have the tough conversations.

Do what you know is right- A lot of money problems come from behaviors. Making poor choices when you know there is a best practice alternative. Do what you know is right. From letting someone know when they made an error in your favor to paying your bills on time, do everything you know to do, and your conscience will be eased.

Get some training- Some mistakes come because we simply don’t know any better. Ignorance of a law or keeping our heads in the sand won’t make the lessons easier to learn. If you need some education about money or how it works, find the right solutions and get the know-how.

Being honest about your money and any weaknesses you have with it can change your life. It can take you from being a victim of poor choices to a victor and intentional stakeholder in your finances. Get honest and do whatever it takes to be in integrity and command of your money.

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