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Help! My Significant Other and I Don’t Agree About Finances

Updated: May 5, 2021

If you and your significant other don’t agree on finances, it’s important to get a handle on things sooner than later. Money is one of the primary reasons that people split up or find themselves in relationships that feel strained and uncomfortable.

What should you do if you and your partner don’t agree on money?


Consider counseling

Create a non-hostile way to problem solve

Have grace for missteps along the way

Consider hiring a financial advisor

Dream together and create common goals

Most often, couples who disagree about money are coming from childhoods where money was handled very differently. Likewise, if the money IQ of your partner is different than yours, some education may be required. The key to surviving money issues with your significant other is not as much about the money as it is about respecting one another and being open to solving the problems.


Hide purchases or debt

Blame or yell

Condemn someone’s style if it isn’t like yours

If you are a saver and your partner is a spender, it is easy to shake a finger and “should” all over them. A spender feels a saver is too strict, and a saver feels a spender is too freewheeling. Neither is necessarily right or wrong, but blame can cast division where unity is key. The answer to different spending habits is compromise and clear communication - not forcing someone into your way of thinking. Remember to keep the relationship front and center and the fiscal component of the relationship an aspect, not the focus. If you need neutral help, a counselor or financial advisor can help you overcome this roadblock.

You and your significant other may not agree on money, but you can find common ground. Learning to communicate and solve problems together is the key.

If you and your significant other would like help setting up a system that works for you, check out this couple's financial mindfulness session:

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