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Make a Bucket List and Start Checking Things Off

Updated: May 5, 2021

You’ve probably heard of the term “bucket list.” It was made popular by a Morgan Freeman movie and has maintained relative visibility among western culture. What you may not have considered is whether you should start your own list and how it could benefit you to do so. Creating a bucket list and checking things off can be a way to stretch yourself and to push you toward living your best life by achieving the things you’ve always dreamed about, but otherwise might never accomplish. Take a look at this summary of what a bucket list is, its benefits, and how you can start your own.

What It Is

The concept of a bucket list is simple. It’s just a list of the things you hope to do before you die. It can be as simple or as extensive as you like. It is wise to dream big when you’re coming up with your bucket list, though. The point is to stretch your comfort zone and to push yourself to reach for lofty goals. It’s easy to start your bucket list. Just write down whatever comes to mind. Be as wild and crazy as you’d like. You can always refine your list later. Brainstorming allows you to think across various life contexts and to be sure you’re making your list as comprehensive as possible.

Bucket List Benefits

There are actually lots of benefits to writing a bucket list. It helps to take you outside of your everyday norms. As we’ve discovered, getting stuck in a rut can take its toll on your happiness, overall well-being, and quality of life. Shaking things up by intentionally coming up with a wish list lets you have something to reach for and encourages growth. The simple act of creating a list can be quite eye opening. It can reveal patterns that provide insight into your core values and what’s most important to you. Your bucket list also lets you get creative and to refocus on your goals during times when we get stuck in the mundane patterns of day to day survival. Plus, a bucket list is just fun.

Get Started Today

It’s easy to get started with your list. Just sit down with a pen and paper or your computer and start jotting down whatever comes to mind when you think of the things you’d like to do with your life. Try to make it big. Stretch your imagination. If your list seems overwhelming or out of control, try refining it a bit. You can take things off completely or you can choose your top three to five items to focus on. You may even wish to create multiple lists for various time frames or periods in your life, rather than sticking with one lifetime list.

Have fun!

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