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Today is a New Day – Don’t Hold on to the Past

Updated: May 5, 2021

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Most of us have past regrets. There are things we wish we’d done differently or hurts we can’t seem to get past. Unfortunately, if you’re holding onto those things, you can’t move forward. Living in the past prevents you from living your best life now. When you spend time dwelling on something that happened or on what could have been, you aren’t focusing your energies on the here and now. Try these steps to let go of the past and start living now.

Let Yourself Feel

Sometimes we can’t get over the past because we haven’t let ourselves completely feel the emotions we associate with it. Try to get in touch with what you’re feeling in association with these meaningful events. Take notes or journal if it helps. Then allow the emotions to flow. Be angry if that’s what is appropriate. Cry if you need to let it out. Allowing yourself to feel pent-up emotions is cathartic and opens the way for new experiences.

Move Past the Negative

Much of what holds us in the past are negative thoughts, feelings, and associations. Even the things we miss are attached to regret that we no longer live in that moment. You need to move past the negative and let it go in order to truly embrace the life you’re living today. When you catch yourself thinking about the past and feel something negative attached to that memory, try to turn it around and reframe it as something positive. Then move on and focus on the current moment.

Pay Attention to the Lesson

Another way to move on from past experiences is to try to figure out what they were meant to teach you. When you catch yourself reflecting on the past, ask yourself what the lesson is with regard to that time. Then transfer that lesson onto your life today. The past truly is meant to teach us.

Focus on Yourself

One sure way to get over the past is to put your energy into yourself. Find ways to take care of and nurture yourself. That could be by engaging in self-care routines, learning something new, or spending more time doing the things you love. Whatever you choose, be sure to spend time cultivating your own interests and passions on a regular basis. When you are focusing on your own betterment in the present, it’s hard to pay much attention to the past.

It’s not easy to get over the past. Taking some proactive steps can help. Use these tips to start making strides toward letting go and moving forward with your best life.

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