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Tweaking Your Lifestyle to Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals

Updated: May 5, 2021

As we saw in the last post, there are some ways to set smarter and more achievable health and fitness goals for yourself. Strong goal setting is the foundation of changing your lifestyle for the better and making those changes last. Another way to make your new habits stick is to ease your way into them. Making small adjustments to your current lifestyle is the best way to get used to your new lifestyle choices. Follow these tips for tweaking your lifestyle to reach your health and wellness goals.

Just Move Every Day

This first tip is especially relevant if you currently live a sedentary lifestyle. You can ease your way into exercise by simply committing to some movement every day. Rather than trying to take on an extensive gym routine that can be overwhelming, why not consider smaller steps that are more initially achievable such as taking your dog for a walk or parking far away from the office? Each small step adds up. Before long, you’ll build stamina and feel more confident to take on larger fitness goals.

Start Fresh with Groceries

Start with a clean slate when it comes to the groceries in your house. Get rid of all the junk food. This eliminates the temptation to eat it. Replace those snacks with healthier options that you still enjoy. Choose nuts, yogurt, fruit, or whole grain cereal instead. Having better choices at hand will ease you into developing new eating habits overall.

Add a Fun Activity to Your Schedule

To shake things up a bit, add a physical activity to your weekly schedule such as a fun outing. Choose bowling, dancing, swimming, or even hiking. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something you enjoy. Get friends involved, and you’ll be having so much fun that it won’t even seem like exercise.

Celebrate Small Successes

Another way to ease into your newly formed health and fitness routine is to be sure to celebrate each small success. Reward yourself in a way that complements your new lifestyle. Perhaps you could buy a new outfit when you lose your five pounds or maybe you could schedule a mani/pedi after you’ve completed two weeks’ worth of scheduled workouts. You deserve a treat, and rewards are great motivators.

Follow these steps to make small tweaks that will add up to big results in your health and fitness goals. You don’t have to change everything all at once. Slow and steady truly does win the race.

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