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What Does It Mean to Be Intentional with Your Life?

Updated: May 5, 2021

Living intentionally is what this entire series is about. This concept is incredibly important when it comes to living your best life. Being intentional means taking charge of the decisions you make each and every day. It’s easy to get caught up in the ebb and flow of today’s hectic world. We often find ourselves falling into habits and getting stuck in a rut. To live with intention is the exact opposite of that. It means taking your life into your own hands and making deliberate choices. Take a look at these tips to help you get started.

Know Your Purpose

In order to live with intention, you have to know your purpose. What this means is that you should embrace a philosophy for living. Decide what’s most important to you and embrace your values. For example, do you place a great emphasis on relationships? Then be sure to include making and growing personal connections in your daily activities. When you take time to decide what’s most important to you, you’re more apt to live with those values in mind.

Set Goals

Once you’ve decided on your purpose in life, you can set some goals for living according to this philosophy. Having goals in mind gives you a road map for moving forward. You’ll have a plan, rather than just getting caught up in life’s flow.

Embrace Opportunities

It’s important to know that each new day gives you an opportunity to make changes. You may not be happy with where you are right now, but you have the chance to take baby steps and make small changes toward reaching your goals. Living your best life requires noticing the opportunities before you and taking risks to get what you want.

Express Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful concept when it comes to living a life of intention. Acknowledging the good things you have right now lets you build upon that foundation. Being thankful for what you have puts you in a mindset to pursue more good things. You’ll soon discover you’re no longer coming from a place of lack. Instead, you’ll feel more content and optimistic about the possibilities that life can bring.

Live Authentically

Finally, it’s important that you live according to your priorities and that you’re being true to yourself. Living your best life and being intentional means that you know who you are. You’re not living life according to anyone else’s terms. Keeping your purpose and values in mind will help to be sure the actions you take are in sync with the person you want to be.

Living with intention takes a great deal of introspection and self-knowledge. Take time to consider your priorities, goals, and values in order to be sure you’re living life on your terms.

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