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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Keep Waiting for the Right Time

Updated: May 5, 2021

Living your life intentionally means taking calculated risks. It involves pushing past fear and doubt in order to achieve your goals and live on your own terms. That can be an intimidating thing, which is why it’s so common for us to allow our inner critic to convince us to wait for the right time to branch out. I’m not saying you need to do something drastic but taking steps now toward living your best life is something you’re not likely to regret. Take a look at these five reasons why you can’t afford to wait for the right time to start living.

1. You’re Missing Opportunities

When you sit around waiting for just the right time to do something, you’re missing out on countless opportunities. Sure, the unknown can be intimidating. It’s hard to get started but doing so is often worth it in the end. Try to look at your apprehension as an opportunity. That puts a positive spin on the situation and makes it exciting or challenging to consider.

2. You Might Regret It

Living with regret is an awful feeling. To consider all the things you could have tried or accomplished, but didn’t, is a bummer for most. Instead of telling yourself all the reasons you shouldn’t start to do something right now, try saying yes to every opportunity you’re offered. You never know what could happen.

3. You Won’t Grow

Self-growth is imperative in humans. If you remain stagnant as a person, you may find you have less to offer the world. Taking chances and going after the things you desire enriches you as a person. You learn to take risks and face fear. You’ll also stretch your characteristics and talents, such as persistence, communication, interpersonal skills, resilience, and more. These are the types of experiences that lead to self-growth and increased emotional intelligence.

4. You’ll Never Be Completely Ready

The truth is, there will never come a time when you’ll feel completely ready to go for it and give something new a shot. You could almost always use more money, experience, research, time, or other resources. You may not be able to do absolutely everything you want to try, but you should definitely take chances on the ones that are within your grasp.

5. The Right Time May Never Come

An inescapable part of being human is our own mortality. We aren’t guaranteed a certain number of days. That’s why it makes sense to take every opportunity and chance you possibly can when you are able. There might not be a better time.

Keep these reasons in mind the next time you find yourself putting something off for later or for a time that’s better. Doing all you can now will push you toward your goals more quickly and enhance your quality of life.

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